Two Quick Veggie Sautés

I was asked to prepare a veggie dish for a farewell dinner party. Literally, for a week I thought about what I could prepare that would swoon my meat-eater’s taste buds. I decided upon two dishes: garden squash and fresh cut string beans. Then the ingredients came to me:

1 leek

1 lime


2 garlic cloves (diced)

half onion

red pepper flakes

the trio (olive oil, salt, pepper)

Fresh Nutmeg

For the squash:

In a frying pan, sautes garlic, onion and yellow squash in the trio. Season with nutmeg, red pepper, and parsley.

For the string beans:

Remove stems from string bean, and any other inedible ends. Slice leeks and sauté with the trio and garlic. Add string beans, sauté until soft. Add fresh lime.

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