Gardening Woes

It’s that time of year again. Spring!

There is a flowery sweet smell in the air. They are coming back to life along with beautiful colors that’s enough to energize any winter couch potato to begin new with the season.  In the back drop, birds add bed music for the blooming spring.

Farmer’s markets are bustling, as people emerge from their winter hide outs in awe of the spring scene.  The days are longer. All the more for us to enjoy the cool warmth of a breezy spring day. Outdoor activities reconvene. Picnics. Festivals. Fairs. Early morning runners and walkers fill their lungs with the spring breeze. Gardners rise with the sun, gather their tools, plot their land, and get to work. Hands plunge into the cold soil turning the earth. Picking the weeds.

This gardener; however, has yet to even venture the idea of breaking land to begin a garden. Yes. I know. I plunged into the green thumb lifestyle so fervently the past two summers, but this year is quite different.

First of all, this heat is unforgiving! Obviously I should have gotten out in the garden at the first sight of spring like I have done before. But this year, with graduation from school and picking up more hours at work, that plan went out the window. Needless to say, I did not make the early morning wake-up call to get my hands dirty in my soil. Despite the “call,” I just rolled over in bed and let another morning pass.

Secondly, I moved to a new location. Before, my urban homestead was the perfect space for a garden. My veggies and herbs were just outside the kitchen door. I could leave the door slightly open when I cooked and walk a few steps to havest what I needed. It was ideal. I miss the city. But since I moved I no longer have that gardening haven. Ideally, the land that I live on now is a master gardener’s dream! Plenty of unused space. Lovely land. But to me, a novice gardener, I just see overwhelming work. Every time I think about plotting the land I get so anxious with the thought of all that land. And the work. I had a hard time turning the very small plot that I had, in fact, my dad had to lend his muscles. And to think about this current land that has been untouched? It is just too much. Thus, here I am today without my fresh herbs and waxless cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini.

At one point, pre-blazing heat, I volunteered for Rebuilding Together and I had the opportunity to bring a garden back to life. I was so inspired. I wanted to get right into the garden. My sister was even ready to dig up some land with me. I came up with the plan to integrate herbs into the front landscape with some brightly colored annuals. Brilliant, right? Well, I haven’t done that yet. And as spring rolls into summer, I do not see myself getting out into the garden this year.

So I have decided to not beat myself up about it any more. Instead, because I will not be eating from my own garden, I will make an effort to patronize my local farmer’s markets. The next best thing. In my area farmer’s markets are plentiful. So maybe next year I will get into the spirit of gardening, who knows, maybe I will start turning the land for the fall. Eek!

Look out for the next post: Be a Protein Pro.

Peace and Veggies!

2 thoughts on “Gardening Woes

  1. I know the land of which you speak and it IS a lot of land. In fact, I used to cut that land’s grass and I hated every blazing hour of it. The thing that helped me was to minimalize the task. I would set goals to get to smalls sections, take a little break and get back to it.

    I offer you that same advice. Find you a very small plot of this VAST land and have at it.

    Excellent post! keep up the great work.

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