Eat Real Food!

Hey readers!

Just wanted to share the video that I found on Youtube. JERF: Just Eat Real Food is a passionate presentation by the creator of Underground Wellness Sean Croxton urging people to stop all the foolishness and just real food! LOL! I loved it immediately. Hope you will too.

Checkout his website at He is no nonsense about health and fitness with a focus toward eating real food. Very informative and educational.

3 thoughts on “Eat Real Food!

  1. I love this. Like so many people now, I have cried trying to figure out what is wrong with a potato or milk. I don’t want to cut out all carbs! This video says, very eloquently, what I have screamed! Thanks for the video!

    • It can be so frustrating hearing eat this not that. I completely sympathize with you. It’s annoying. I have always had the disposition of just eat.Your body needs fuel, so fuel it with food, and real food. That is so simple. I particularly love the part, “stressing about food makes you fat.” So I will just relax and eat, and eat will and wholesome.

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you enjoy reading the blog. Tell me what you want to hear. Feel free to ask questions. What I don’t know I will research and let you know.

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