Are You Listening?

The Organs Of Digestion 17

If you have not noticed by now, I am on this healthy eating/living rampage. Though I have been health conscious in the past, there is something distinctly different about the move to healthiness now. Basically, I am making a lifestyle choice. Health and fitness are becoming a part of my lifestyle. That means no more wavering between healthy and unhealthy choices, as it is coming to the point where the natural choice is to be healthy.

Some of you may be thinking, “I thought this was a cooking blog about Vegetarianism?” True, but as the name states, Vegetarian Lifestyle, this is about vegetarianism as a lifestyle and to me that equals health and fitness. My lifestyle as a vegetarian. Don’t worry, the recipes are coming. My recipe making methods are random and they happen spontaneously and I don’t realize I have something good until I’ve finished my meal and I sit back and say, “that was good.” I am, however, keeping a catalog of original recipes to be shared in the future. But in the meantime…

Ever pay attention to your body?

You know that feeling you get when you had a large meal? The heavy feeling that makes you want to sleep. The “itis”? Checkout the definition here at the Urban Dictionary (Scholarly folk, don’t rag on me for referring to the Urban Dictionary. LOL! It’s just to make a point and clarify the definition. LOL!) But isn’t that odd, we have a term, that is widely accepted, for overeating. That “itis” we get is our body breaking down all that food that we ate. And you feel sleepy because your body is working overtime to digest it all.

Get this, LeeAundra Keany describes in 20 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT DIGESTION “The three days of Christmas: It will take up to 72 hours to digest your holiday dinner. Carbs (stuffing and pumpkin pie) will be processed first. The dry, overcooked protein that is your holiday turkey will come next. Fat (gravy and whipped cream) will be the last to go.”

So it is taking your body three days to digest three days of food and in those threes of digestion you are adding to that process by adding more food, thus elongating the itis. We never give our body a rest.

Here is some personal proof:

One day this week I had a muffin (that was not REAL food in that it was oozing with so many artifical everythings) and eggs for breakfast with a cup a coffee. Usually I would have maybe oatmeal, or grits and eggs with tomatoes or something like that. But I was feeling a little…extra.  As a result of my extraness, I was awfully sluggish, cranky, and irritable. I felt drianed before the day even started. Before my body could breakdown and distribute the nutritious protein of the egg, it had to work hard to breakdown the muffin. Curse you muffin!

So between the stimulant of the coffee and the crashing effect of the carbs my body didn’t know what to do. Consequently, when it came time to workout that evening I could hardly run a full mile. And as I am trying to condition my body to run because I’ve never been a runner, it is not wise to eat nonnutritious heavy carbs. Yes carbs are needed, but the good ones are the ones I need. By nights end I was pooped, done for! But you live you learn.

The point is, your body tells you when it does or does not like something, but only if you listen. Try eating a protein and fiber packed breakfast, maybe the Black Bean Breakfast Burrito and some fresh fruit. You will be full longer. And your energy level will be maintained throughout the morning, instead of having a burst of energy from a carb laden muffin and then crashing mid-morning.

Here’s another tip to ensure that you are paying 100% attention to your body. Eat slow. Really, slow down. Take the time it actually taste the food. Have conversation with family and friends. Before you know it your body is signaled that there is food inside your stomach and your brain gets the message that you  are full, opposed to eating a lot real fast and having that stuffed feeling because of overeating. The idea is to not overeat and slowing down often helps with this.

Eat well! Be well!

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