What Am I Going to Eat?

Hey veggies and aspiring veggies!

Just wanted to share this post, Finding Vegetarian Spots in Carnivore Lands « Clutch Magazine, that I read on www.clutchmagazine.com.

Follow them on twitter @clutchmagazine.

I hope that this will be an inspiration for you to stand strong in your choice to be a veggie.

In my vegetarian story, https://soveggd.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/it-is-my-anniversary/, I shared my frustration with being the only veggie in my circle and being “leftout,” or made to feel odd whenever we ate out. “Hello waiter. May I have a cheese burger without the burger.” *Blank stare from the waiter*

I also hate ordering from the side menu and getting my food served on tiny individual plates. “Please sir/ma’am, put it all on ONE platter. Thank you kindly.”

Or that odd moment when at a resturant with my brother and he looked at the menu and looked at me with a very long face and said, “Awe Jaz. What are you going to eat?” Time stopped for a moment as everyone looked up at me and said, what seemed like in unison, “you’re a vegetarian?” Even still, I absouletly adored that moment! Adore it! Thanks big brother! LOL!

The point is, situations like this will make you run back to meat. However, with patience and a little creativity your vegetarian lifestyle will become the norm. I promise! LOL!

My personal method is cook at home and leave the entertainment for outside the home.

What are your veggie frustration? How do you combat them?


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