Fresh Veggie Omelette

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Last night I took a trip to the grocery story with my grandmother. She found a fancy new market in the area and could not stop talking about it. She made it a point yesterday morning to tell me she wanted me to see it, “You will like it. Organic food. And cheap.” So, to please my grandmom, because I think she is so adorable, I made a b-line home after the gym to go out with her. And was she right. Absolutely!

I tend to be the loyal type. I usually shop at the same place, as I believe other places are not good enough. But that’s just me. I walked into this gigantic place a little displease with the size because I hate large markets and stores, carbon footprint much? But as I walk further into the aisles I was pleased. The fruits and veggies where actually fresh. And I’m not talking about that sneaky tactic that some groceries us to cover the not so good produce with slightly more fresh, but equally not so good other produce. I flipped through the lemons and limes, smelled all the fresh fruit and got hungry. Everything looked so good. They even had raw almonds, a rarity in mainstream markets!

So, as I was starving after my workout I decided to shop. Bad thing going to the market on an empty stomach. LOL! But I was good. I decided to make a leafy green salad with a lemon/lime dressing. I purchased arugula, first time trying it, red leaf lettuce, a cucumber, lemons and limes, baby bella mushrooms, and a dessert; Edy’s single serve Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, my favorite indulgence. Prepared my salad that evening, just toss all of the ingredients together sprinkle with olive oil and the citrus juices. I also added tomatoes,onion slivers, and fresh spincah. I really enjoyed the earthy flavors.

The arugula was a taste that I had to get used to. The peppery taste caught me off guard. At first I thought my onion were too strong, but I quickly realized that the arugula adds that flavor. Interesting as it is.

All night I thought of ways to incorporate arugula in other recipes. I particularly wanted to keep it raw. I thought that the peppery spice of the arugula would be a great accompaniment to eggs. So an omelette it is! Or was!

You will need:

Arugula (chopped)

Baby Bella Mushroom (sliced)


Onion (finely chopped)

The Trio (salt, pepper, Olive Oil)

Feta Cheese

Tomato (2 slices)

3 egg white and 1 egg

Basically the same ingredients from my salad the night before. This is a great tip for reusing new ingredients, just add them to a new dish and you will not waste anything.

Sautee mushrooms and onions with the trio. Be sure to add enough salt and pepper as this is the only time you will use it.

Mix eggs and add to pan. Add feta cheese. Turn burner to low and cover tightly with lid. Once the egg is firm add arugala, spinach, and tomato to one side. Flip other side. You do not want to cook the spinach and arugala; therefore, do not keep it in the pot until they are wilted. Make sure the egg is fully cooked before you add the other ingredients. Serve from pan.

My grandmother had a serving this morning and could not figure out what was the extra flavor. “What did you put in the omelette?” “Just salt and pepper.” “It had a different flavor to it. It was GOOD!” “Oh that may have been the arugala.” “It was good.” Indeed it was!

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