Powerful Powerhouse

I think my recipes are coming with stories now and days. But I love to share!

Mom and I where on our way out one night. The plan was to grab something to eat and deliver it to my dad who has been working tirelessly on renovating our new church building. We could not decide where to go, and we did not want to spend too much money. So mom said let’s just go to the grocery store. I said, “great idea!”

I decided to make my fav sandwich,

the powerhouse!

(Imagine that with all the fancy echo sound effects.)

This sandwich I made was quite powerful.

I roamed the aisles of the grocery store and picked up a pack of ciabatta bread, clove sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, and a portabella mushroom.

I wanted a little more so I visited the cheese bar.

The cheese bar always overwhelms me. I’m not a cheese scholar, see the blog on my Fennel Quiche recipe. It’s just too much selections and I just don’t know what to do. And for the good stuff that I like, it is so expensive! But I decided on goat cheese. I’ve heard so much about it and I wanted to try it. Turns out, I’m in love with goat cheese! It’s so smooth and creamy.

Slice your veggies, rinse and dry the sprout and spinach, and pile it all on the bread. Spread the goat cheese on one half of your bread and close the sandwich.

It should look a little like this:










Bon Appétit!

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