Real Life

Today I made the awful mistake of going to work without packing a lunch, or even a snack. I thought that my power-pack breakfast of grits, and a mushroom and spinach sautee would hold me over until I get off at 5:30. Wrong! And I know better! Don’t ask what I was thinking because I wasn’t. So here I am, literally, on the desk (I’m a librarian) and my stomach is eating itself. Miserably hungry.

Thankfully, earlier in the day I had a quick break and I was able to run out to grab something. But here is where the problem would usually come. I would sometimes run out to the Dunkin Donuts and grab an egg white flat bread and an Iced Coffee, and sometimes a donut. Not the best choice.

Today I decided to go to the grocery store. My preferable choice of late. I decided upon crackers (I was able to read and understand the ingredients!), honey goat cheese (a little splurge), 2 bananas, and 2 black plums. Yum! Fresh food always makes me happy. And get this: The money that I would have spent at the Dunkin Donuts would have been wasted on a one time fix, whereas the grocery food, though a little more pricey, will certainly last a few days.

So far I’ve only had time to eat one banana, 3 crackers, and a small corner of the cheese. Stomach still talking.

The point is, maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires preparation. If you are easily susceptible to caving into the junk food craze you need protection. Pack your healthy lunches and snacks ahead of time and you will be less likely to grab the unhealthy and unpleasant foods.

Thankfully I had the sensibility to not head for the sugar and transfats. I even turned down the weekly offer of free snacks from our vending machine man!

Eat well! Live well!

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