Kitchen Prep and Organic Veggie Soup.

What?! Two post in one month? How is this possible? Well I decided to take a break from the books and relax. Off tomorrow, so I will get back to business then.

In the meantime, I did a little kitchen prep to get me through the week. I usually do this on the weekend, Sunday, mostly during the summer because that’s when I have the most idol time.

My kitchen preps involve gathering my leftover veggies from the prior week’s grocery trip and making a large meal that I can break down and store in the freezer for the weeks or months to come. I do this because I don’t want my produce to be wasted. I hate when that happens. Today’s meal, a beautiful organic veggie soup. More on that later.

The kitchen prep is also the time that I use to make a list of things that I will need for my next grocery trip, which will be the following weekend. I find that this helps with my budget and keeping in order. I do need to be more disciplined with this because I’m more inclined to go grocery shopping without a list. This can kill your bank account. Blind shopping is not a good idea. Preparation is key.

Watch this video by one of my favorite YouTubers. This is basically how I have been shopping for years. I learned from my mother to have a list, but I took it a step further to calculate my groceries as I go so I will not have surprises at the register (I round everything up). I have fallen away from this method, but I will try really hard to reincorporate it into my routine. It works! Give it a try and let me know. In this video Whitney shows us how to shop with the calculation method for organic food.



With the kitchen prep I make mental notes of what other foods that I have and how I can use those throughout the week. For instance, I have a few pastas (frozen butternut squash and cheese ravioli, and dry spaghetti), tomatoes (and frozen pasta sauce), lentils (red and brown), whole grain rice, mushrooms, and edamame. Easily, these items, along with a few others, will make at least five different meals, maybe more. In fact, if I skipped a shopping trip I will be more than okay, I have the soup remember. This keeps me from over spending and purchasing more than what one person needs and risk wasting food. Ultimately, this is my goal, eat healthy and be economical.

Organic Vegan  Vegetable Soup

Today’s Kitchen prep yielded a beautiful vegetable soup. The only kitchen tools that you will need are a crock pot, knife, and cutting board.

My ingredients

(I kept everything organic not necessarily on purpose, but because that’s what I have. Any fresh ingredients will be suitable. Also remember, the ingredients are from what I gathered from my kitchen prep. Nothing is premeditated.)

Dry kidney beans (you can use any dry beans that you like)


Baby carrots

Fresh chives

Fresh parsley

Fresh cilantro

Edamame (Soy bean pods. Great source of fiber and protein.)

French cut spring beans

One orange bell pepper

One box of veggie stock plus one cup of water (When cooking dry bean in the crock pot it is important to have plenty of water/stock. Yes you can cook dry beans without soaking them for days. But you must have plenty of liquids.)


Celery plus the leaves (I was snacking on a head of celery throughout the week and I had the soft heart of the head left. I just chopped that up and added it to the soup.)

Pinch of red pepper flakes



Now chop all your stuff and throw everything into the crock pot. That easy. Add the seasonings. Set the crock pot to low and leave it alone. Check to make sure you have enough liquids, but otherwise, resist the urge to constantly stir the pot. Your soup is done when the beans are done. You may want to add more seasons in the end.

Eat or store.

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