21st Century Girl!

Since I moved into my new place I have not had access to the internet, or cable. Let’s face it, when buying a house some things sort of take a back seat. They are no longer priority. So for 9 months my iPhone served the very usefully purpose of connecting me to the inter-webs. I use my phone for EVERYTHING. Social networking, emails, youtubing, blogging, finances, fitness, music. You name it.

But today I have gladly welcomed technology into my home. I am connected. Wired. Linked. So now I can give my phone rest and burn up my computer and iPad. I feel like a big kid in an Apple store!

So you know what that means! More post! Yay! This evening at work I had the revelation that I get to blog more and I got super excited and started mentally planning. (Sheesh! Writing for this blog is so therapeutic!) I digress.

Stay tuned for what’s new and fresh from my kitchen. (My very own kitchen!)

Eat Well! Be Well!

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