Tara Stiles on being healthy

Hey veggies!

I was roaming through my Youtube subscriptions and was inspired by this post by Tara Stiles. She is an internationally known yoga instructor, author, and YouTuber. I watch her channel quite faithfully and practice the yoga routines that she introduces. She is a great inspiration for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe to her channel TaraStilesYoga.

In this video she discusses what being healthy means to her. Her thought process is quite practical eliminating health food gimmicks and diet fads. At the core, the healthy lifestyle philosophy is to listen to your body and eat not just for fulfillment, but also for the nutrients that your body craves. This is something that I am still learning. I know the foods that my body absolutely does not like. I feel the rejection of refined sugar and caffeine. The headaches and the lack of focus, acne breakouts, sluggishness. Sometimes, however, I find myself eating, and over-eating, these things. Through my healthy journey I have learned that having and practicing a healthy lifestyle personal philosophy helps me to stay on track. If I get off track, which does happen, I am able to consult my simple philosophy so that I can make my way back to healthy living.

Watch this video and be inspired to live a healthy wholesome life!



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