This has been my morning. School work and a lite breakfast of Trader Joe’s Honey Oatmeal flakes cereal with coconut milk and grapes. It’s very cold and gray today so I needed something bright and warm to the core. I went over the Sweet Potato Soul‘s blog to grab this warm turmeric and ginger drink. She calls it Turmeric Heaven and it is indeed heavenly. After you heat the mixture it turns into this beautiful mustard gold color with an airy turmeric froth on top. I absolutely love this drink. It can possibly replace my morning coffee. Click the link to get the recipe.

For my recipe I made a few changes because I didn’t have some of the ingredients. Instead of dates I used a tablespoon of Trader Joe’s carrot juice for sweetness. Be sure to read the ingredients to this juice. Trader Joe’s has two different types; one of which has sardines and anchovies. Not vegetarian and certainly not vegan. I also added about an 1 inch piece of a banana and I used coconut milk.

Try it and enjoy!

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