Spicy Thai Green Curry Napa Cabbage


There is nothing like spicy food to help keep warm and full in the winter. I have not always been a spicy kind of girl, but I’m growing to really appreciate the flavors and spices. This dish is simple. Another homage to the Sweet Potato Soul Blog. Her original dish (episode #9) used potatoes and tomatoes and carrots and a whole lot of other veggie goodness. I used the same brand of Thai Green Curry paste (from my local Asian market), but added different veggies. While at the market I saw a head of Napa Cabbage and was interested in trying it, as I never had before. I also picked up fresh green peas. These are the staples. In a wok with coconut oil I sauteed a tablespoon of the Thai Green Curry. I then added the cabbage, peas and fresh cilantro. To this I added one can of coconut milk (this brings down the heat of the curry). Let this shimmer until peas are nice and soft. Serve over Jasmine rice. You will fall in love with this simple dish. Try mixing it up and adding your favorite veggies. Just follow the same technique and you will have a Thai Green Curry dish that you will love!

Eat well! Be Well!

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