Not My Grandmama’s Oats


As the semester is coming to a close I have more time to think about cooking. I love being in my kitchen with all the fresh veggies and fruits. Besides wasting away in a book, I love thinking about all the flavors I can put together to make a fabulous dish. The star flavor in this dish are the fresh organic strawberries. I picked these up from Whole Foods and I was completely taken by the fresh sweetness. Sugar cannot compare to the unbelievable sweetness packed in these strawberries. Later on in the week I used them for a protein smoothie.

I finished this dish with something my grandmother does with her oatmeal. She pours cold milk over her oats after she has cooked and plated her dish, packed with butter and sugar no less. In my dish, the clean tribute to my grandmother, instead of dairy milk, I used coconut milk and nixed the sugar and butter. Believe me, you will not miss it! In fact, this dish is kid tested. I made this for my 8 year old nephew one Saturday morning. I let him pick his toppings and he ate it up!

Easy and simple! Give it a try!

Steel cut rolled oats, fresh organic strawberries,  walnuts, raisins, sliced almonds, coconut shreds, and coconut milk.

I cooked the oats using a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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