Cleaning & Thrifting…Oh my!

I’ve had quite the weekend. Friday night I hung out with my brother and his oh so fabulous wife.


We helped celebrate our friend’s birthday and t-shirt launch party. I wore my tee this morning for my church’s annual cookout. 


I got up early Saturday morning. Way too early for an off day to help my parents cleaned my grandmother’s ridiculously dusty house. This was a HUGE undertaking. I am surprised I survived the dust with all the sneezing and nose scratching. Eek!
But I did and afterward I hung out with my sister and cousin for some thrifting!
Whenever I go thrifting, or sifting through yard sales, my attention immediately goes to kitchen items and serving ware. I absolutely love the mix-matched look of my dishes. I do not have sets. I have basics that will work together, but as far as a store bought package of the same plates, cups, and bowls, I do not have, or want.
And what better place to get that eclectic mix than a yard sale or thrift shop. Just clean it up and pair it with the pieces you already have and viola! a beautiful table-scape.
This trip my sister treated me to a beautiful glass bowl set with a beautiful 3D ball-like design. The design reminds me of polka-dots, one of my favorite patterns.


I also got a blue clay mug. This will be great for serving water to guest.


I’ve been collecting air-tight mason jars with the latch to store food. When I saw this jar I didn’t even think twice and just added it to the rest of my purchases.


In all we spent $8. You cannot beat that! And when I brought these things home to pair them with the rest of my kitchen items I wondered how people can get rid of these fabulous items.


Anyway, you know the saying, one man’s trash…
Eat well! Be Well

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