Easy Breezy Saturday

Today was an easy going no frills day.


After a morning appointment was cancelled I allowed my day to take its course. First stop, thrifting! I met my sister at Uptown Cheapskate, a super duper cute fashion exchange shop. My sister had to modeling for an event. She had a personal stylist and everything.

This place has set the bar for what a thrift shop should be like. Everyone there is fashionable and the clothes are well priced and in great condition. Have you ever been to a thrift shop and it has a nasty musty smell that makes you feel like your skin is scrolling with germs. Gross! Probably why I don’t go thrifting for clothes much more often. So of course I could not resist the pull to spend. As soon as I walked into that place I knew it was a wrap. Walked away with a pair of flats (I never thrift for shoes! That tells you how clean this place is.), a maxi skirt, a cute sheer floral shirt, and a beautiful lace dress. Spent a pleasant $40 dollars.

Can’t beat that!

After shopping we stopped for smoothies from Smoothie King. Ok I have to share my experience here. I’ve never had Smoothie King before. I don’t like having smoothies from places like this because it’s mostly sugar and I hate how they advertise to appear healthy. Such a lie! Anyway, apparently they do not add sugar. So I was happy. I scrutinized the ingredients for the drink and was pleased with the Original Protein Smoothie, without whey protein, but soy. I originally ordered the Mocha Almond. I was a little foggy about what all was in the drink so I asked the girl behind the counter. Caffeine! Unfortunately, I can no longer have caffeine. Sheesh! when I think I’m free and clear there is always something that I miss. I ended up with a very delicious banana almond protein smoothie instead. Yum!

As if she knew that I was having a random day, my best friend wanted to hang out. I was delighted! I’ve been wanting to check out  Liquid Earth, a Raw, Vegan,Vegetarian restaurant in Downtown Baltimore, for some time. So we met up there. This place is so unpretentious with an eclectic design aesthetic.


I had the Earthburger.


This burger is packed with organic brown rice, textured soy, and fresh herbs seasonings. All served on a whole wheat kaiser roll. This burger was close your eyes to savor the flavor delicious.

I also had an amazing freshly made organic pomegranate, pear, carrot, and apple juice.


Simply lovely!

Eat well! Be well!


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