I’m Jaz. Full of energy. I cherish the beauty of life and change. I believe that set backs are only set-ups for a major comeback. I am innately optimistic seeing pessimist as boring and unimaginative. Life is ever evolving and full of surprises, my attitude is to roll with it and optimize on all experiences.

My belief in an holistic lifestyle (body, soul, and spirit) keeps me balanced and organized. I encourage my friends and family to seriously consider their health and to get active. I keep my soul clear and light with laughter and love. Most of all, I put full faith in God and wake everyday to please my heavenly father. To me, this combination is the method to being a completely fulfilled person despite circumstances, haves, or have nots. Pure joy does not come from things, but from maintaining peace and balance through a healthy relationship with God, family, friends, and even self.

I get great joy in helping the people around me get motivated to see their potential. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing someone sell themselves short especially when I can see the greatness in them. I endeavor to commit time to work with people to establish a healthy balanced life; body, soul, and spirit.

Let me motivate you!

I am currently a librarian. And as you would guess, I am the quintessential librarian who loves books. I find great joy in escaping reality and entering into worlds that books create. I get an equal amount of joy recommending book to people. Hence my choice of careers. My motto, “There’s a book for that.” I’m working on a Master’s in Library Science. I love school. I have at least two more degrees that I would like to attain before I call it quits. Another masters and a PhD. LOL! Crazy right? O_o

In my free time (whenever that is), I enjoy volunteering and community work with my church, dancing, yoga, and seasonal running. I’ve learned that my body; at least this year, does not like the cold. So I had to abandon running as the days got colder. Can’t wait to lace up my kicks this spring. I think I will start early spring this year. In the meantime, yoga and dancing have kept me somewhat active.

Eat well! Be well!


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