Going Back to Green

Hello all!

Can you believe I have some free time? Well I thought my car was about to do some crazy stuff so I took some time off work to take it to the mechanic. Turns out nothing is wrong with it. Well nothing that will stop it from driving. So here I am. Just completed an assignment. Roaming the webs and looking over some footage that I created in iMovies.

I have been playing with the idea of creating video content. Eek! Scary thought. I am a huge Youtube watcher. There is a video for just about anything on the Tubes. For years I have been encouraged, inspired, and motivated by some fabulous Youtubers. These people pour out all their energy to create useful footage for folks. Some love them others hate them, but they are not deterred.

Simply fantastic!

So maybe I will not be a fabulous web personality, but I’d like to get involved; however little, in this movement. I have things I’d like to share. Hopefully I can build a community who would like to listen. Ultimately, my goal is to learn. I do not know it all. I want to be able to connect with people who can teach me something new.

In this video I talk about some of the green products that I use in my house. I have always been green conscious, but I have laxed a little. So recently I have decided to return my focus to living as green and earth conscious as possible. Clearly, consumption is NOT at the core of green thinking. In fact, I believe spending less is quite possibly the greatest act of green thinking. Think about it. Spending less means less use of emissions, and less paper and plastic waste. Most of all, you save money! However, as I am returning to green, I am not that savvy. Of course I want to get into making my own products, but as a busy young professional and grad student, homesteading does not fit into my lifestyle just yet. So I’m taking small steps to becoming more green. Typically I prefer local over big box stores. But I sometimes have a hard time rebelling against them because they carry the products that I need. So I work within my options.

I say all this just to say, I’m learning. Or relearning because I’ve forgotten everything. I’m no green certified maven that got all the answers. But I am a librarian so research is my thing. And as I learn I share.

So enjoy the video.

Share your thoughts. What changes are you making to be more environmentally conscious? Can you offer some practical tips?

Live well! Be well!