Let’s Get Serious

Found this on Youtube. Stop by if you are in the Baltimore area. Sounds like fun!

Live well! Be well!


Farm to Table

Last week I visited the Whitelock Community Farm. This may not be so abnormal, a health conscious person visiting a farm. But there is something unique about this farm; it’s in the city. Yes the actual farm is in an urban inner city community. I’ve been following this trend for some time. I’ve read about city farms in Chicago, but I was most pleased to learn that there is a farm in my city. This is such a dope concept! Not only is Whitelock an urban farm, but they are 100% organic. I have plans to volunteer for them. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in some organic dirt! LOL!

This veggie was in heaven selecting produce. I got turnips (first time eating turnips. They have a great flavor!), garlic chives, a bunch of arugula, chocolate basil, mint (grown wild from the community garden), and Thyme. Just like a creative cook, I was flooded with recipe ideas. I made an arugula pesto with mint, basil, olive oil, juice of one lemon, and seasoned with sea salt and pepper. Blend and done! I served it cool atop sobo noodles, and sliced cucumbers and peppers with toasted sunflower seeds.

Eat well! Be well!

The Outgoing Veggie!

In Maryland and want veggies to eat? Well, check out 3 of my favorite places!

Miss Shirley’s


Miss Shirley’s Cafe is a premier stop in Baltimore! I absolutely love this place! (Downside: Though they have already prepared veggie meals, it is only a few. So that means you will have to pick and choose through the menu to create a meal.) But what a menu it is!! Check out the plate I had for my 26th birthday lunch! Miss Shirley’s is best known for their Sweet potato fries. Try a batch when you visit. They are served with a crisp and fresh  mango ketchup. Honestly though, just go!



Fa-bu-lous!!! I love this place! Great spot to go out and have fun with your friends. The beautiful interior alone is enough to make you want to stay forever! Compare that with the loveliness that is their menu and it is a wrap! My fav meal is the Fruit and Veggie wrap.Tomato, avocado, cucumber, mango, green apples, mixed greens, and miso vinaigrette all wrapped in a light and airy tortilla bread. While  you are there make sure you treat yourself to one of their many coffee drinks. I personally like the Mint Latte! Yum.

Mari Luna Mexican Cuisine


There are two Mari Luna’s in Baltimore; the Latin grill and Mexican Cuisine. Though the Latin grill is fancier  and more spacious, the Mexican cuisine is more inviting and the food is less fussy and more authentic. So  what do I order from the Mexican grill? Well duh! Veggies! The veggie burrito is well worth the arm and leg  that you will pay for it. Overly stuffed with zucchini, squash, pepper, rice, black beans, spring beans,  broccoli, corn, and lots of cheese, this colossal burrito is sure to please!

Bon Appetit!

Baltimore Magazine’s article on the Best Vegan Dessert in Baltimore.  No, I’m not a Vegan, but sometimes I may as well be. One day I will work my way up to Veganism. via Best Vegan Dessert: Sweet Tooth Dessert Shop | Baltimore City Paper.