Snow Day

Well hello! I know. I know. I have neglected Vegetarian Lifestyle. Shame on me.

I’m here now so…

It has been a snowy night and day in Baltimore. Thankfully I have the day off so I don’t have to brave the messiness. Normally I’d go to yoga, but decided to hangout around the condo. After being shocked out of my sleep by a text message from a friend at 8:30 this morning, I stayed in bed for about an hour mildly conscious just being a bum. I finally grabbed my iPad to check Youtube for some detox yoga videos.

I came across a jewel!

Yoga with Adriene is a really cool, down to earth YT channel. Adriene is easy going, but she challenges her yogis to push a little to get the full yoga experience. I quickly added three sessions to my YT playlist, rolled out of bed, grabbed my yoga mat, and turned my living room into a studio. And what an experience! So glad I did it.

I started with a 20min Morning Yoga session

Then I went onto a 20 min Flow Yoga Vinyasa Sequence

I planned to to complete the Detox session, but I decided to stop and give my body a rest. That Vinyasa sequence was a refreshing challenge. I may do the detox later today.

After yoga I settled down with a cozy cup of coffee and a delicious everything bagel egg sandwich.


Eat well! Be well!


Street Food

Street food for veggies is hard to come by.

So I was surprised to learn that a local hot dog stand called Haute Dog serves veggie dogs. I just had to try it. They had about three topping choices: the basic relish, onion, ketchup, and mustard; tomato jam with Dijon, and some sort of an onion topping (I foget what exactly). The “hot dog” brand that they use is Tofurky. I ordered my veggie pup with the tomato jam and Dijon topping.

I’ve never had the Tofurky brand before, so I was a little unsure about how it would taste.


(Sorry I couldn’t wait to take a bit. LOL!)

Well is was wonderful!

The veggie dog itself had a nice herby spicy flavor and the topping was spicy and sweet, my favorite combo.

I will be back for another visit to try the other toppings.

Eat well! Be well!

Easy Breezy Saturday

Today was an easy going no frills day.


After a morning appointment was cancelled I allowed my day to take its course. First stop, thrifting! I met my sister at Uptown Cheapskate, a super duper cute fashion exchange shop. My sister had to modeling for an event. She had a personal stylist and everything.

This place has set the bar for what a thrift shop should be like. Everyone there is fashionable and the clothes are well priced and in great condition. Have you ever been to a thrift shop and it has a nasty musty smell that makes you feel like your skin is scrolling with germs. Gross! Probably why I don’t go thrifting for clothes much more often. So of course I could not resist the pull to spend. As soon as I walked into that place I knew it was a wrap. Walked away with a pair of flats (I never thrift for shoes! That tells you how clean this place is.), a maxi skirt, a cute sheer floral shirt, and a beautiful lace dress. Spent a pleasant $40 dollars.

Can’t beat that!

After shopping we stopped for smoothies from Smoothie King. Ok I have to share my experience here. I’ve never had Smoothie King before. I don’t like having smoothies from places like this because it’s mostly sugar and I hate how they advertise to appear healthy. Such a lie! Anyway, apparently they do not add sugar. So I was happy. I scrutinized the ingredients for the drink and was pleased with the Original Protein Smoothie, without whey protein, but soy. I originally ordered the Mocha Almond. I was a little foggy about what all was in the drink so I asked the girl behind the counter. Caffeine! Unfortunately, I can no longer have caffeine. Sheesh! when I think I’m free and clear there is always something that I miss. I ended up with a very delicious banana almond protein smoothie instead. Yum!

As if she knew that I was having a random day, my best friend wanted to hang out. I was delighted! I’ve been wanting to check out  Liquid Earth, a Raw, Vegan,Vegetarian restaurant in Downtown Baltimore, for some time. So we met up there. This place is so unpretentious with an eclectic design aesthetic.


I had the Earthburger.


This burger is packed with organic brown rice, textured soy, and fresh herbs seasonings. All served on a whole wheat kaiser roll. This burger was close your eyes to savor the flavor delicious.

I also had an amazing freshly made organic pomegranate, pear, carrot, and apple juice.


Simply lovely!

Eat well! Be well!


Powerful Powerhouse

I think my recipes are coming with stories now and days. But I love to share!

Mom and I where on our way out one night. The plan was to grab something to eat and deliver it to my dad who has been working tirelessly on renovating our new church building. We could not decide where to go, and we did not want to spend too much money. So mom said let’s just go to the grocery store. I said, “great idea!”

I decided to make my fav sandwich,

the powerhouse!

(Imagine that with all the fancy echo sound effects.)

This sandwich I made was quite powerful.

I roamed the aisles of the grocery store and picked up a pack of ciabatta bread, clove sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, and a portabella mushroom.

I wanted a little more so I visited the cheese bar.

The cheese bar always overwhelms me. I’m not a cheese scholar, see the blog on my Fennel Quiche recipe. It’s just too much selections and I just don’t know what to do. And for the good stuff that I like, it is so expensive! But I decided on goat cheese. I’ve heard so much about it and I wanted to try it. Turns out, I’m in love with goat cheese! It’s so smooth and creamy.

Slice your veggies, rinse and dry the sprout and spinach, and pile it all on the bread. Spread the goat cheese on one half of your bread and close the sandwich.

It should look a little like this:










Bon Appétit!