10k, more running, cooking

Today I completed my first 10k!

It was tough. My goal was to finish in an hour and 30 mins. And I did! 17 sec under actually. Along the way I had to stop and walk to catch my breath. But I’m proud of myself for this achievement.

More races are in my future for sure!

In fact I have committed myself to running more consistently once school lets out. It is my ultimate personal goal to be an avid runner.

So I was strolling through Instagram (follow me @jazch) and saw that Bryant Terry has a new cookbook out. Afro-Vegan brings African, Caribbean, and Southern flavors to the veggies! How fantastic! My personal goal #2 is to cook more and experiment with more flavors. AND…blog about it!

I have plans I tell you! Plans!


In the meantime I will drool over this book, study the ingredients, and make mental notes.

Eat well! Be well!


Running…An Epiphany!


(My new sneakers. They are the Under Armour Apollos)

Today I had an epiphany

Running has always been a huge challenge for me. I’ve been running inconsistently for about 3 years. I’ve always approached this exercise with much trepidation because I feared that I wasn’t, or would never be good enough. Though I’d pull myself out of bed to hit the treadmill, or pavement, I was always doubtful. Consequently, my running experience would not be successful and I would not push myself any further.

After my very successful run this past Friday and Saturday I had a moment of self reflection. What was different? Friday’s run was in the gym and Saturday was outdoors on a beautiful day. So not necessarily environment. I posted to Google+ and Facebook before each run so we can say accountability had something to do with it. But not mostly. Maybe those things motivated me to lace up my sneakers. But what pushed me to finish my goal of running a full 3 miles and completing a 5 mile run/walk (mostly running) work out?

Today I was in a Black Belt Librarian workshop. Google it. It is a real thing. LOL! But the presenter said something that made me stop mid thought and sort of inhale deeply and go all bug eyed. Peripheral opponents. Peripheral opponents. These are the things that we are thinking. They may be worries, fears, or doubts. But these are the things that block us from completing, or even starting a challenging thing. We allow all the peripheral opponents, or negative self-talk discourage us.

I remember having run work out and the whole time I would compare myself and my slow pace to avid runners and their fast pacing. Or being completely self-conscious. Or thinking unreasonable things like people are laughing at me because I look completely silly. But when I tuned all those opponents out I was able to focus on my goal. Most importantly I was able to tune in to  my body! I was able to correct poor posture and readjust my breathing because I made myself aware of me.

Now my recent feats may be small to some people. But when you struggle with a challenge for so long and then you defeat that challenge, no matter how big or small, you feel AMAZING! LOL! So I plan to change myself talk and be aware of those peripheral opponents and block them out before they discourage my progress.

Be well!

Yoga and Other Things

Well that was fantastic!

After that yoga practice I feel like I can conquer the world!

And with that energy I’ve registered for a 10k run. Tomorrow I will wake up and think “What have I done?!” But what is done is done. I may not run the whole 6.5 miles, but I am determined to at least run the majority of the race.

Now this snow needs to let up so I can get some outdoor runs. Until then training will happen in my gym on the treadmill.

I’m so motivated!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Did you follow this afternoon’s practice? How do you feel? Have any training tips? Please share.

Live well! Be well!