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What’s in My Kitchen?

I had yesterday off. So I did my favorite pastime, grocery shopping! For reals, I love going grocery shopping. I’d do it for people if I could.

So what did I get?

First stop Whole Foods.


I got a package of organic power greens, walnuts and raisins, and organic strawberries. I could have gotten these items from Trader Joe’s where I did this weeks shopping, but I like these specific items that are sold at Whole Foods. Picky much? Yes. Yes I am. Besides I had to go to Whole Foods to pick up a vitamin supplement. I have been slacking in this area. Shame, shame. So I decided to get on a good foot. These vitamins by Mega Food are vegan friendly made to supplement a vegan diet. I’m not vegan, but I need all of the nutrients that are packed into this tablet. Specifically iron and B12.

They are a little expensive. Even the sale price for $38.99, marked down from the original $48.99, is steep. But this is my health. I’d rather pay this much now than face major hospital fees later.

Then I headed to Trader Joe’s. Well, I got a cup of Starbucks decaf first, then I went to Trader Joe’s.


I got the bulk of my groceries from Trader Joe’s this week. I alternate between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s depending on what of my favorite products that I need most.


This week’s grocery list:

(Starting from the top photo)

Frozen edamame, frozen pineapples, frozen Very Cherry blend, frozen Blueberries, frozen sliced leeks, a red onion, shredded carrots, zucchini, squash, cucumbers

(Second photo)

Multigrain bread, a bag of gala apples, almond butter, super fruits jelly, tempeh, baby bella mushrooms, cauliflower, coconut milk, bran flakes, kale, grapes

And of course I could not help but creating fabulous meals. For lunch I had a fresh green salad.


and for dinner I found a fabulous recipe for beet burgers from my favorite site Sweet Potato Soul. I did a few things different, but the meal was just as tasty.


Stay tuned for my recipe and a complete breakdown of this meal including the honey glazed heirloom carrots.

Eat well! Be well!

Street Food

Street food for veggies is hard to come by.

So I was surprised to learn that a local hot dog stand called Haute Dog serves veggie dogs. I just had to try it. They had about three topping choices: the basic relish, onion, ketchup, and mustard; tomato jam with Dijon, and some sort of an onion topping (I foget what exactly). The “hot dog” brand that they use is Tofurky. I ordered my veggie pup with the tomato jam and Dijon topping.

I’ve never had the Tofurky brand before, so I was a little unsure about how it would taste.


(Sorry I couldn’t wait to take a bit. LOL!)

Well is was wonderful!

The veggie dog itself had a nice herby spicy flavor and the topping was spicy and sweet, my favorite combo.

I will be back for another visit to try the other toppings.

Eat well! Be well!

Ikea Dreaming

Well I am back from vacation.

I had a wonderful time in Nashville. Check out The Dope Librarian for a post about my trip.

Now I am just enjoying the last few weeks of summer and the last few weeks of freedom before my grad classes start at the end of the month.

I’m almost done. Staying focused!

Monday I went shopping at Ikea. I love this place. I often go to get design inspiration and dream about the fabulous kitchen that I want.

I can see it now…

Glass upper cabinets…


…and dark lower cabinets.


With a beautiful creamy countertop.


Preferably a sustainable material.

And a fabulous apron sink and beautiful facet fixtures.



One a day a reno will happen. One day.

Until than I dream and collect pieces.


I got two stem glasses to add to the two that I already have. They were $1.99 a piece. The spice jars were $3.00 for the pack of 4. The green trays are ice trays they were $1.99 each. I got two glass plates for $.99 each. I now have a total of 8. I will continue to collect these because they are simple and go well with my dishes that have designs. The salad utensils were $1.99 for the pair. The most “expensive” purchase was the tray costing $9.99. A deal nonetheless.

Shopping for little pieces like these is my favorite thing to do. Because I didn’t have dishes when I first moved, I have no problem taking opportunities to get new things. I have a ton of things that I want. Like a large wok, a dutch oven, a juicer, and a Vitamix. But I am perfectly content with getting what I want one purchase at a time. I mean I do have a 30 year mortgage. LOL! My kitchen isn’t going anywhere.

Eat well! Be well!

Farm to Table

Last week I visited the Whitelock Community Farm. This may not be so abnormal, a health conscious person visiting a farm. But there is something unique about this farm; it’s in the city. Yes the actual farm is in an urban inner city community. I’ve been following this trend for some time. I’ve read about city farms in Chicago, but I was most pleased to learn that there is a farm in my city. This is such a dope concept! Not only is Whitelock an urban farm, but they are 100% organic. I have plans to volunteer for them. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in some organic dirt! LOL!

This veggie was in heaven selecting produce. I got turnips (first time eating turnips. They have a great flavor!), garlic chives, a bunch of arugula, chocolate basil, mint (grown wild from the community garden), and Thyme. Just like a creative cook, I was flooded with recipe ideas. I made an arugula pesto with mint, basil, olive oil, juice of one lemon, and seasoned with sea salt and pepper. Blend and done! I served it cool atop sobo noodles, and sliced cucumbers and peppers with toasted sunflower seeds.

Eat well! Be well!